A new double fronted Victorian residence with timeless contemporary interiors replaces a dilapidated Edwardian residence on this modest 430 square metre site. Our practice was engaged to provide an assessment of the development potential of the site prior to purchase, and was subsequently engaged for full architectural and interior design services following the acquisition of the property. Our Clients were attracted to the period character of the original dwelling and their initial brief involved the restoration of the original dwelling with a two storey addition to the rear. A schematic investigation into what could be gained by demolishing the existing weatherboard dwelling yielded results which were too good to refuse. Additional useable land was gained by locating the new dwelling 1m closer to the street; the limitations of the restrictive layout of the existing dwelling were eliminated; and the significant funds which were to be allocated to the restoration became available for the new build. The result is a remarkably ‘original’ looking dwelling which recreates the true essence of the Victorian style while providing the comforts and amenities that our Clients requested.

A few words from the Client –

“Robert’s advice to build a new house that still met our brief (to maintain the victorian style we wanted) rather than renovate was visionary. The result has been a beautiful double fronted victorian home with all the comforts and “mod cons” of a new home. He did a lot of work to research and find suppliers for what we wanted for our home. He also had some great ideas to improve the functionality of our home without compromising on the design. Our builder felt that Robert worked very hard during the build, was always available for clarification, had excellent documentation and he restored his confidence in architects. Robert was very easy to work with, he had good communication skills and good knowledge. He has designed us, essentially a “bespoked couture” home. I would highly recommend his work.”